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Dave Parle is a Weird Loser

If, like us; you hate Dave Parle, you wouldn’t have enjoyed his set last night. But, if for some reason you sort of want to kiss him, you would have thought his set was amazing. Huge. Big. Massive. All these words could describe it. Someone who didn’t despise the sight of him might have said he pulled out all the stops. So, props to Dave.

We have a nice, busy couple of days coming up, with True Stories and Toe Jam getting together this Saturday for SUPER SATURDAY, with Brazilian bands and True Stories’ DJ best friends Nic James and Illanja joining me (Orlando is my name), aswell as DJ Just Chill, who just arrived from New York, representing for France. Then on Sunday, out in Phoenix Park we have Pony Kids, which is the talk of the town right now. It’s run by the gay parade, lots of gays called James. True Stories DJ; king among men, ORLANDO will be representing, playing a pure classic hip hop set. It’s going to be good. Sexy good.

So, I have been negligent, I know, but I had stuff to do. Sorry baby, I will never leave you again. But, hey here is a little sorry. Lots of songs to have and hold and love and adore. Take care of them though, because they are special.

First up, if you only ever come to this site to download great Hipity hopity (and I know that makes up about half of you) then you are going to want to pick up these tracks:
Camp Lo – B-Side to Hollywood
Geto Boys – We Can’t Be Stopped
KRS One – Uh Oh
Souls of Mischief – Never No More
Common – The 6th Sense
Cam’ron – Hey Ma (feat. Juelz Santana

This song is ridiculous. So ridiculous. I think I might love it forever.
Jamtech Foundation – Park the 9 (ft. Voltage)

Uh, sorry, but Dubbel Dutch are amazing. I stumbled happily into them ages ago when I was looking for Double Dutch skipping chants and I pretty much enjoy every track I hear by them. This was the best track on Edu K’s recent EP.
Edu K – Jumpin n Pumpin (Dubbel Dutch remix)

I haven’t been playing as much Baltimore Club as I could in my sets, and I need to get some good new tracks. But here is some of the stuff I used to play in the mean time. Every single track here is amazing. The Metronomy remix is debatably not really Club, but it has the kick drum beat, and it is amazing, so who’s complaining?
Bell Biv Devoe – Poison (Alvaro & DJ Punish Edit)
MOP – Ante Up (Tittsworth remix)
Metronomy – Radio Ladio (Mac 3000 remix)
Emynd – The Club Champ (Scott Matelic “Slam” edit)
DJ Sega Vs. Lil Jon – Be Vs. Machuka
Flavo – Funkmore

…………and I’m done.


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3Marias is Leaving.

This is the end. Andrea is playing her last show before she moves back to Guatemala. She played True Stories before, and was totally great. This time she says she is going to play Cumbia, Dancehall and few 90s MTV Classics. No doubt she is going to rock it. So come say goodbye, and have another great time.

I have noticed that I have been a bit lazy about posting songs. I am making it up to you right here with a few┬áriddims. I tried giving a bit of a synopsis of each track, so you know which ones you want. I’m just trying to help, not impose my opinion on you.

First of all, a ton of the best hip hop I am listening to right now…
J Dilla – So Far To Go (feat. Common & D’Angelo)
Black Star – Definition
Warren G – Super Soul Sis
Da Bush Babees – S.O.S. (feat. Mos Def)
DJ JS-1 – Ridiculous (feat. O.C. and Pharoahe Monch
Slum Village – Raise It Up

Then this song, which I originally downloaded for a bit of fun, but now, I totally love. Stupid, terrible 90s pop at it’s worst. It’s so amazing…
Aqua – Heat of the Night

A bit of bass heavy Dancehall from Lady G…
Lady G – Nuff Respect

An amazing version of Under the Boardwalk by the Tom Tom Club, including lovely 1984 Tina Weymouth…
Tom Tom Club – Under the Boardwalk

The stupid heavy bass in this track makes me want to punch someone, in a good way…
Bass Nectar – Bomb the Blocks (feat. Persia) (Ghislain Poirier remix)

A terrible, yet amazing Latinesque, Salt ‘n’ Pepa style song that anyone (even a ghost) will probably love…
FannyPack – Hey Mami

A totally brilliant tropical tune, with a great breakdown and nice bassline…
Uproot Andy – Manuelita (feat. Geko Jones) (remix)

An infatuated bit of melodic, baltimore remixing that will make you dance and fall in love all at once…
DJ Semi – Love Ya

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