Last Antics and Handsome Paddy

Handsome Paddy was really super last night. He has mad skills when it comes to DJing and he showed them off last night real well. Onto over news though, Antics, the first night I had a residency at in Dublin, is ended forever tonight. It is going to be a real special night, so everyone should come on down.

These two tracks are my ultimate favorite songs right now. Especially the Tina Turner one, that is my jam right now, but Holiday is a total summer groove too.
Madonna – Holiday
Tina Turner – What’s Love Got To Do With It?

This is an amazing remix. Cut up dub reggae used as a backing track for one of the best MCs around.
Mos Dub – History Town

This is a beautiful bit of instrumental Dancehall. I love the cheesy guitar solo near the end too.
Teetimus and Daseca – Beauty Riddim


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