Barry “Whisperjack La Rock Arcs of Tetric” Farrell. There is just too much to say about him really. The glue that holds Dublin together. Known for a million things, from his band, the Arcs of Triumph and his various nights, like Sundown on Sundays, and Bad Glamour. And guess what? yes, you guessed it; He is playing True Stories this week!

I don’t really know what Glitch Hip Hop or Glitch Hop is, despite the fact I looked it up on Wikipedia. But it sounds good from what people have showed me, and I am definately really excited to hear a whole set of it this Tuesday.

It is also Pancake Tuesday and we are not going to have anything to do with that at True Stories, so load up on them before you come.

Here is a glitch hip hop song that Barry recommended to get you in the mood.

Jay-Z vs. Glitch Mob – 99 Problems But A Glitch Ain’t One


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