Snow Day!

I know I didn’t say that I was going to leave my house until after the snow went away, but I went to buy a Fanta in the shop downstairs last night and I was mildy touched by how the snow looked sort of nice. I think I might go take a walk in Phoenix Park today.

I hope none of you are missing True Stories too much, because we will be back up again in less than two weeks. We have a killer few weeks lined up starting on the 19th of January with Shortie from Schizofonics.

Hey! you know Chris Tranter from Gameboy/ Gamegirl, well he did a real nice remix of my band playing What’s My Name? by Snoop D-O-Double G, and I thought I would put it up to download here.

Ugly Megan – What’s My Name? (Tranter remix)
Check out more of his stuff here too!


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